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12. Lipofilling

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Treatment whereby injections of your own fat (taken around the belly or buttocks region) enriched with your own plasma (contains platelets and growth factors for regenerating tissue) are administered to accomplish:

  • An improvement of the volume and elasticity of the face.
  • An increase of volume of/or the creation of the cheeks.
  • A possible correction of previously badly performed surgery.

Duration:  1 or 2 sessions providing only a partial reabsorption of the injected tissue.

Effect:  permanent after 2 sessions

Duration:   3 or 4 session providing a reapsorbtion of more than 60% between each injection.

Effect:  permanent after more than 2 or 3 sessions

Reportage: “JEUNE A TOUT PRIX Les crèmes: Efficaces?” RTL-TVI



for any further information: +32 2 687 22 85 or by e-mail contact@chirurgiedombard.com

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Waiting room of Dr. Dombard's cosmetic surgery clinic.
Your first consultation

During the first consultation the patient can clarify his or hers desires and the surgeon will explain what kind of results you can reasonably expect. The surgeon will also provide detailed information about the desired treatment.

DR. L-Ph. Dombard
All that can be done under local anesthesia.

ou must operate, but not create sequelae. It is necessary that the hair does not retreat, that the ear does not leave forward, that the lobe is not deformed, that there is no tension. For a facelift to be visible, we must not see the after-effects. There is facelift and facelift …
(..) In general, the follow-up is at least six months. We have an interest in operating perfectly! It is an obligation of quality.

(Interview with Dr. Louis-Philippe Dombard. ELLE BELGIQUE. N°29. Janvier 2006. p. 15. “Surgery Everything you can do without general anesthesia.”).


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