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13. Abdominoplasty

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Surgery under local anesthesia performed on patients with a stable weight and diet.

It allows a correction of excess skin and fat tissue.

It is common to have to replace the navel and bring the abs closer together.

Scarring in the lower regions of the abdomen can  be expected.

A drain will be placed as well as a supporting bandage. Recovery varies between 2 to 3 weeks. 





It is a possibility that one gets a sagging abdomen as a result of a pregnancy, a weight gain, a relaxation of the muscles or a substantial weight loss over a short period of time.

Both a sagging or protruding belly can be a major inconvenience for both genders and can cause other problems outside of the pure esthetic: a diminished self image, a limitation in possible activities, Troubles with finding proper clothing and several physical discomforts (irritation or bad smells in the skinfolds)

Sometimes exercise and a healthy diet just aren’t enough to fix the problem. In this case the abdominplasty can provide the solution.

Due to the abdominplasty Dr. Dombard can redefine the contours of the abdomen and correct any imperfections: excess skin, stripes below the navel, muscle relaxations, and so on…


The abdominplasty is a surgery of the abdomen that treats excess of skin, muscle and tissue relaxation and in a limited manner the excess of fat.

The surgery consists of a tightening of the waistline, removal of bulges to provide the tummy with its original curve. On top of that a liposuction will diminish the layer of fat and improve the contours of the abdomen.

AbdominoplastieTo allow the tightening of the skin it will have to be removed from the navel, it will stay at its original position naturally but will appear trough a different skin opening. Then the relaxed muscles are brought back together with the aid of stitches that will tighten them as well as allow them to be functional yet again. Also the pulling of the skin makes lines on it less visible

Each of these phases improves the profile and appearance of the abdomen.

Both for men and woman the abdominplasty will return a certain measure of comfort and improve their self image.

However one does not have to jump to the conclusion that this procedure is necessary from the moment there is a slight protruding of the belly or some excess skin. One has to keep in mind that there is a difference between what the surgery can effectively do and what you would like it to do.

Only a proper evaluation made by Dr. Dombard can provide the conclusion whether or not the abdominoplasty is the best option. If not Dr. Dombard will guide you along to other options such as liposuction. 



Will there be scarring ?

Tightening the abdomen requires multiple incisions and as such scarring is unavoidable. They will be located around the navel and the lower part of the belly; the scars which can be quite long are however properly camouflaged by your bikini panties

Are the results permanent ?

It is impossible to counter the effects of time or the aging process which are the main reasons of tissue relaxation. Nonetheless controlling ones weight, a healthy lifestyle and some exercise are your main guaranties for success.

What are the possible complications ?

Possible complications are the same in any surgery that involves the removal of tissue: infection, bleeding, asymmetry, bad scarring, removal of insufficient tissue, necrosis, and so on…

The most common complication is also the most trivial one: the presence of seroma (accumulation of fluid beneath the skin). If can however make multiple visits necessary to drain the fluid.



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All that can be done under local anesthesia.

ou must operate, but not create sequelae. It is necessary that the hair does not retreat, that the ear does not leave forward, that the lobe is not deformed, that there is no tension. For a facelift to be visible, we must not see the after-effects. There is facelift and facelift …
(..) In general, the follow-up is at least six months. We have an interest in operating perfectly! It is an obligation of quality.

(Interview with Dr. Louis-Philippe Dombard. ELLE BELGIQUE. N°29. Janvier 2006. p. 15. “Surgery Everything you can do without general anesthesia.”).


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